Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This link gives you more information about the voyage. We are the 100th voyage for SAS. This link shows you the dates we will be in port, the classes offered, and a faculty overview. 

*** Under the tab "staying in touch" it tells you the addresses to mail to and the suggested airmail dates*** i would love to get mail... letters...postcars..etc. 

 ( http://www.semesteratsea.org/voyages/upcoming-voyages/fall-2009.php )

This link is to a video of the ship- the MV Explorer :)

( http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=551268326890&oid=19196448616 )

Why I Chose SAS

I was deciding between three very different study abroad options. 1) Semester At Sea 2) Buenos Aires, Argentina 3) Luxembourg. 

Luxembourg- through Miami University. Therefore very easy to transfer credits. Many friends would be traveling with me. Ability to see a lot of Europe! 

Buenos Aires- A truly foreign cultural experience. Ability to use Spanish. Independent experience. 

I chose Semester at Sea because it was a truly unique experience. I could see so much of the world in 4months for a reasonable price. Also, I don't know anyone else going on the voyage, which is cool- i love meeting new people. The classes are amazing. 

This is how I explain SAS to people: "essentially is a cruise ship that has been converted into a university. I embark from Nova Scotia in late august, circumnavigate the globe, and end in San Diego in mid-december. Every day that we are at sea we are in class, every day that we are in port it's like the weekend- no matter how long we are there- the only rules are you cannot bring food back on the ship and you cannot cross international boundaries. I have a work-study grant, so I will work 2 hours a day while at sea- but I have no obligations while at port. While we are at port we can take SAS sponsored trips, which are more expensive but include meals and lodging and are often times safer, or we can do 'indy' trips- where we plan our own activities with friends we meet on the ship. I think I will try to do as many 'indy' things as possible because I don't want to commit myself to too much. But, SAS offers some activities that are really cool! For Example, I am going to venture to Cambodia for three days while we are at port in Vietnam, I will take advantage of some service opportunities, meet some college students in Japan, hula dance lessons in hawaii, and take some factory tours. Independently I plan on being as active as possible. I will spend my 21st birthday on the small island country of Mauritius, off the coast of Madagascar. I hope I can go sailing, snorkeling, hiking, and end the day with a party on the beach. That would make for the most unforgettable birthday EVER! Sounds pretty cool, right?" 

Here is the itinerary of Fall 2009 voyage, along with the map of the places that I am visiting:

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Aug. 28th
  • Cadiz, Spain
  • Casablanca, Morocco
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Port Louis, Mauritius
  • Chennai, India
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
  • Hong Kong / Shanghai, China
  • Yokohama / Kobe, Japan
  • Honolulu / Hilo, Hawaii, USA
  • San Diego, California, USA - Dec. 14th